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MN Shop Hop Samples

Check out Calla Lily Quilt Shop's offerings for the MN Shop Hop.  We have a quilt, wall hanging, and a table runner.  In addition, we have a casserole carrier!  Stop in to view the samples! 


A Year to Crow About Kits now available

A Year to Crow About Block of the Month program is now complete.  Everyone learned a lot and had great success throughout the 7 monthly meetings.  Our thanks to everyone involved/

As happens sometimes, we have several extra kits left over.  7 months of patterns and almost 16 yards of fabric for $225.00.  Come see the quilt, and pick up a kit.


Wellington House Embroidery Designs


Feathered Nests Close Up Photo At the Minnesota Quilter's Show in Duluth two weeks ago my sister and I had the pleasure of meeting Beth Ritter, designer of Wellington House designs.  What a delight she is!  We will be featuring her patterns during the Minnesota State Hop (August 2-18).  (See samples below, too!)  Plus stop in to see some great notions to make your next embroidery project more time effective.
In addition, Ann Zemke will be here with her books, "They Named me Marjorie" and "Every Barn Tells a Story"
Look forward to seeing you. 


Beth Ritter's Feathered Nests and North Woods Memories Samples














North Woods Memories Sample








From a Fat Quarter you can cut...

99---2" squares             56---2 1/2" squares              42---3" squares                30---3 1/2" squares

20---4" squares            16---4 1/2"squares                12---5" squares                12---5 1/2" squares

                                       9---6" squares                       6---6 1/2" squares


Addicted to Quilting

Addicted to Quilting

She learned to quilt on Monday, her stitches were all fine

She forgot to make us dinner, so we all went out to dine.

She quilted miniatures on Tuesday, she says they are a must,

They really were quite lovely, but SHE forgot to dust.

On Wednesday it was a sampler, she says stippling is fun,

What highlights! What shadows!  But the laundry wasn't done.

Nine patches were on Thursday, green, yellow, blue and red

I guess she really was engrossed, she never made the bed.

It was a wall hanging on Friday, in colors she adores,

It never bothered her at all, that crumbs were on the floor.

I found a maid on Saturday, my week is now complete,

My wife can quilt the hours away, the house will still be neat.

Well, now it's only Sunday, I think I'm about to WILT,

I cursed, I raved, I ranted cuz the maid learned to QUILT!


Twin Cities 16th annual "Schoolhouse" Shop Hop...

Hello all,  I just wanted to show you a close up of our Twin Cities Shop Hop quilt for 2013 because Katie Rubatt of Sweet Pea Quilting did a fabulous job quilting none other than a CALLA LILY pantograph.  Can you pick them out amongst the leaves?  It's just about here, Thursday thru Saturday, May 2, 3, & 4.  We are giving away 2 sewing machines, 8 sewing chairs and 40 gift certificates valued at $50.00.  That's 50 prizes so let's say 300 people go to all 8 shops to complete their passport and be eligible for the have a 1 in 6 chance of winning one of these great prizes!  The shops will have other prizes and treats for you too.  Don't forget, if you watch the demo each shop will give you a comeback coupon for $5.00 off every $25.00 of fabric you buy in June.  I can hardly wait!

Twin Cities Shop Hop

Here it is, our 2013 Twin Cities Shop Hop quilt made from those gorgeous DIAWABO Japanese taupes with a dark brown CUDDLE on the back.  Beautifully quilted by Katie Rubatt of Sweet Pea Quilting in a wonderful Calla Lily pantograph.  Each of the 8 shops has a unique project made using the same "TC Block" but different fabrics and layouts. We will be kitting this one. Get your passport stamped May 2nd thru the 4th to be eligible for prize drawings. 


Beautiful Blue Batiks just in

Here's some great "eye candy".  From Timeless treasures beautiful floral and geometric batiks in blues and ivorys.

Time for a great recipe to share but watch out, I find this to be quite addicting.

Time for a great recipe to share but watch out, I find this to be quite addicting.  I have had to discipline myself to only make this for very special occasions like Christmas, or my birthday. Of course it's a great nibbler at your next cribbage tournament or quilter's retreat.  I did bring it to the Super Bowl party but promised myself I won't make it again until Easter, heck that's only 38 days away!  See what you think, it's super easy to make in a jiffy!


1 pkg. (17) graham crackers       1 cup  butter        1 cup brown sugar (not packed too tightly)     1 cup chopped pecans 6 (1 1/2 oz.) Hershey chocolate bars

Line a 9 x 13" pan with graham crackers-NOT crushed.  Combine butter and brown sugar in a small pan.  Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.  Boil for 2 minutes, until it reaches 238 degrees on a candy thermometer.  If you don't have a candy thermometer it's ok, just time it well.  Remove from heat and stir in pecans.  Pour over graham crackers.  Immediately place chocolate candy bars on top. I put a piece of waxed paper over the pan to keep the heat in.  When the bars are melted, spread evenly over top.  Refrigerate.  Cut or break into bite sized pieces.

Weekend sale




Bean Counter Quilts Trunk Show

Hope you can stop in to see the trunk show by Lorrie Franz of Bean Counter Quilts.  Several of her latest patterns feature the "Lil' Twister" in projects including embellished tea towels, table runners, quilts and Christmas Stockings.  On display untilTuesday,  February 19th.


Visit your local Quilt Shop gift certificate winners


CINDY J   (ISANTI)                STEPHANIE M  (HAM LAKE)      and       TERRY B     (BLAINE)


Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day is January 24th

JANUARY 24TH, this coming Thursday is  "VISIT YOUR LOCAL QUILT SHOP DAY",  a worldwide celebration for quilters and independently owned quilt shops everywhere!  Your local quilt shop is a safe haven in a world of daily pressures.  A place to be inspired, to meet up with friends and make new friends, take a class and feed your creative soul. 

We are delighted to feature a trunk show by Lorrie Franz of Bean Counter Quilts ( Elk River, Minnesota ) and always keep a stock of her fun and versatile patterns in the shop.  The trunk show will show off several of Lorries newest patterns, some of which utilize The Lil' Twister template.

I hope you will find time to drop in between 9:30a to 8:00p.   Register to win prizes.  Buy 4 fat quarters-get 1 free!

A funny story...

Sitting on the side of highway 22 waiting to catch speeding drivers, a police officer sees a car puttering along at 22 mph.

He says to himself; "This driver is just as dangerous as a speeder!"  So he turns on his lights and pulls the driver over.

Approaching the car, he notices that there are five old ladies, two in the front seat and three in the back...wide eyed and white as ghosts.

The driver, obviously confused, says to him, "Officer, I don't understand, I was doing exactly the speed limit!  What seems to be the problem?"

"Ma'am,"  the officer replies, "you weren't speeding, but you should know that driving slower than the speed limit can also be a danger to other drivers."

"Slower than the speed limit? No sir, I was doing the speed limit exactly...twenty-two miles an hour!"...the old woman says a bit proudly.

The police officer, trying to contain a chuckle, explains to her that 22 is the highway number, not the speed limit.  A bit embarrassed, the woman grins and thanks the officer for pointing out her error.

"But before I let you go, Ma'am, I have to ask...Is everyone in this car OK? these women seem awfully shaken, and they haven't made a peep this whole time," the officer asks.

"Oh, they'll be all right in a minute, officer.  We just got off Highway 109."

This and other humorous stories can be found in The Goat Gazette which is put out by Country Threads, Iowa's largest quilt shop in a chicken coop!  I just subscribed for a year and got my dear sister-in-law a copy too.  You can reach them at 641-923-3893     2345 Palm Avenue, Garner, IA 50438

Kaleidoscope Symphony reveal party

Kathy S. added an extra border  to hers, looks wonderful

Judy P.finished her top right on time, good job!

Mary Ellen decided not to miter her corners and isn't it grand anyway!  She may add another border yet, not sure.

What an enjoyable evening 20+ members of our latest Block of the Month group enjoyed recently.  Many finished their tops, or almost, and shared their original tweaks to show that even though we are all making the "same" quilt it can be different from all the others!  At Calla Lily's we like to profess, "it's not ALL about the quilt".  Our meetings consist of more than just 'block instruction' as we include a "What's New" segment, member show and tell, prize drawing and of course a scrumptious dessert.  Our newest Block of the Month has just started and we do have room for more fun, creative members in our "A Year to Crow About" 7 month program.  Give us a call (763) 784-7166

Calla Lily's 8th Anniversary 8 quilt giveaway

Once again we had a great time celebrating Calla Lily's anniversary with a quilt giveaway, one quilt for each year brings us up to 8 quilts.   One of our lucky ladies was actually lucky enough to win 2 quilts. Congratulations to all.  We had fun just drawing the numbers and seeing all the smiling faces.  Thanks for 8 great years!

A Year to Crow About

"A Year to Crow About" is our newest Block of the Month.  Starting in December and meeting for 7 months, this delightful panel adds charm to the 12 blocks and 4 borders!   We like to say "it isn't ALL about the quilt" because you will enjoy the meetings which include block instruction, show and tell, dessert, prize drawings and more.  Sign up is going on now so stop in or call (763)784-7166.   Registration $20.00 and $35.00 a month. 

Baltimore Album, September 26th,

Month 1:  Acorns-She even looks happy!

The Baltimore Album Block of the Month gathered on Wednesday, September 26th.  Many had their first blocks complete, and were either cutting, sewing or finalizing the Eagle for next month.  If you didn't make it, your next block material for Love Letters is available.  If you would like to join us, call 763-784-7166.


Hop for Hope

Join us for this unique Hop that give back to the community!  


October 11-14

Great Shops, Great Cause!  Mark your Calendars


  I need to tell you about  our upcoming HOP FOR HOPE.  Join Calla Lily's and 7 other shops in October, Thursday the 11th thru Sunday the 14th.  There will be projects and prizes,  giveaways and fun but more importantly is the fact that 10% of fabric and kit sales will be donated to the Pink Cupboard, a Minnesota based Breast Cancer Organization!   A good cause and a beautiful time of year for a road trip...WHAT FUN!   


Featured at the State Fair

Minnesota State Fair, August 26, 2012

  My husband and I took in the State Fair last Sunday and found our shop's quilt for the Minnesota State Shop Hop this year.   An original pattern, the customers suggested we enter it   Thanks to Roseanne of Rosebud's Cottage for the blue ribbon acknowledgement.  My husband did the best he could trying to get a good picture of me with it!

Pieces of Baltimore

Baltimore Album Block of the Month

Our latest project!  We will work with suppport to create a top from Pam Bono's "Pieces of Baltimore" Book. Either be part of a group, to build your confidence, or work on your own. Either way, this quilt will become an heirloom!  
As decepetive as it is, this is all pieced.  There are some added hand details, but the majority of the fun is done on the machine! 

There is still time to participate in this fun project.  Call 764-784-7166 for more information or to sign up!

Quilt Minnesota 2012 is winding down

Calla Lily Quilt Shop 2012 MN Shop Hop Quilt Close-up


Quilt Minnesota 2012 is finished, what a great hop it was!  With so many hoppers coming and going it always feels like a party at the store.  Everyone seems to love this years fabric.  The moment I saw the large 11"x15" pictures I was hooked. 

  We received so many compliments on our quilt, many kind words.  Someone said there was still time to enter it in the State Fair! is an origiinal pattern!  When I called the lady on the other end knew all about Quilt Minnesota and said there is a separate category for "Minnesota themed" projects.

   I know it won't win a ribbon, my binding is wider on the back than in the front.   That isn't why I took it over.  I hope it is put in a glass case so it is seen by lots of people and brings attention to Quilt Minnesota!

Quilt Minnesota 2012 quilt

QUILT MINNESOTA 2012 SHOP HOP, our 6th annual, is just 9 days away!   Here is a little enticement to come to our Central East section.  Now on display is Calla Lily's original quilt titled MINNESOTA SYMMETRY.  While constructing this quilt you wlll frame out several pictures, make floating stars for perfect points, and use the rules for adding borders (included) to guarantee a square quilt top.  The 2 moose, 2 tree and 2 Minnesota state appliques are already cut out so you can just peel and press on.  The finished quilt measures 55"x80".

You can see other quilt shops original quilts on the Quilt Minnesota website in the new BLOG section.  Visit for more information about this years hop.  I hope you will enjoy your travels through our great state as you visit some of the best quilt shops around.  See you soon...

Quilting is very, very good for your health...


Quilting has several important health benefits:

*Quilting lowers your heart rate and blood pressure

*Quilting helps you sleep better

*Quilter's have fewer colds and influenzas

*Quilter's wounds heal faster

*Quilting gives you the time and space to  "think your own thoughts",   to  "dream your own dreams",   and to plan your own life.

The calming rhythms of quiltmaking allow us to process whatever challanges we face and to "listen for that still, quiet voice" that brings compassion and guildance.

Quilting is about love and relationships.  It is life-affirming and life-giving.

In short - quilting is therapy.    

Susan Delaney Mech, M.D.

Sunday Morning Quilts book has arrived

Sunday Morning Quilts book, the 2nd printing actually, has just arrived at the shop.  We have been anxiously waiting for it ever since Amanda was here with her presentation June 9th.  We had such a great time with Amanda, the ladies were itching to get home and start stitching up their scraps.  Pick up your copy for $22.95 plus tax. 

Guest Speaker Amanda Jean Nyberg

Gumdrop Quilt

Scrapper's Delight


Calla Lily Quilt Shop was so thrilled to feature Amanda Jean Nyberg, co-author of Sunday Morning Quilts".  Their innovatiive new book is beautiful and quite a hit!  Amanda's presentation and samples motivated many of the participants to head straight home to their machines to SEW!  Let's face it, we all need ispiration now and again, and a fresh new way to look at our scraps! 

If you missed the event, but would like a copy of "Sunday Morning Quilts" click here to order

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